Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong


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Siu Sai Wan Centre Our Service

Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Siu Sai Wan Centre is a children and youth centre with study room facility funded by the Government. Starting her service since July 1997, Siu Sai Centre provides services to children and  youth aged 6-24 and their family living in Siu Sai Wan.


Our centre upholds the YMCA spirit of “to serve,  not to be served”, and simultaneously abides to the service commitment to nurture a all-rounded  development of children and youth in the domains of ethics, intelligence, physique and social skills.

We provide a wide range of interest classes to children and teenagers with a safe environment, inside which they can explore brand-new life experience . We sharpen their interpersonal skills and help them develop good standard of personal integrity and credibility; and  encourage them to actively participate in community services by enhancing their understanding and sense of belonging towards the community.